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Recommended Books

These are a few of the books I have read and recommend for others to read, to enjoy, and most importantly, to LEARN.

This list will gradually be updated with other books I have read, and probably some I am currently reading, so check back for more suggestions. 

I first read The Leadership Engine in several years ago as part of a course on Special Topics in Business.  I reread it a few years later, and although it is several years old by now, I think it is still an excellent book for anyone to read, particularly students or anyone in business management. 
Reengineering The Corporation is one of those books from which some of the terms may start falling out of favor as just more business buzzwords.  I first read it several years ago, and reread it a few years later, and I think the major points as they relate to business operations planning, and customer service implications, are still relevant today and will remain relevant into the future. 
Beyond Calculation: The Next Fifty Years Of Computing is a collection of essays offering varying interpretations and visions of how computing and information technology will evolve over the next fifty years.  Some of the essays were easy to read and follow, enjoyable, and understandable, while others, were more technical and harder to follow or understand, even after rereading, and even for some with more technical minds.  You can decide which for yourself.  Overall a good book for ideas and thinking. 
Career Warfare outlines several lessons and mistakes to avoid in your career.  It is also funny and describes several anecdotes drawn from the author's career experience.  This is an excellent book for anyone in business to read, particularly students.
The Five Patterns Of Extraordinary Careers offers some insights into what can distinguish extraordinary and successful careers from ordinary, average, or even unsuccessful, careers.  It isn't a quick-fix book, but would be useful over the long-term of a career(s).  Again, this is an excellent book for anyone to read, but would be especially useful for students. 

Updated: September 28, 2014 01:51 PM